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What Is Data Science?

Data science consulting involves formulating quantitative questions, identifying the data that could be used to answer those questions, cleaning it, then analysing the data, whether that’s with machine learning, statistics or with the latest neural network approaches. The final step involves communicating that answer to other people.

Data Science is a hybrid function seated at the junction of 3 critical skills: Business Expertise, Math & Statistical Modelling and Technology Skills.

 Data Science Consulting Venn Diagram


Are My Campaigns Effective?

One of the most common questions asked to our data consultants: Are my campaigns improving my business performance?

Distinguishing real impact from noise is difficult with different systems, metrics and measurement protocols.

Our solutions are designed to integrate, clean and comb through the data to create a uniform view of performance.

What Customer Segment Should We Target?

Knowing which customer segment to target and being able to feed in real time the right messaging is critical in today’s marketing environment.

Our grouping and clustering techniques can help you uncover an untapped market and respond to their need.

Why Do My Customers Buy (or not) From Me?

Purchase decision making is often a complex process and any buyer is subject to many factors when making a decision.

Aggregating data from all sources is very tedious for humans but not for machine learning algorithms.

Where Should My Money Go?

What channel is driving the most value for my business? Am I starving a support channel?

Our consulting team can help you develop a better attribution model and integrate it inside your reporting tools.



Where do We Fit In The Data Process?

data science process - imwt's fit

Data Cleansing
Let’s face it, a lot of the data you collect is probably unstructured and you struggle to draw meaningful insights from it. This can be especially true if you’re an enterprise level company. We clean, structure and warehouse your data so that it becomes usable.
Modelling and Analysis
This is where we turn your numbers into insights. The possibilities are as endless as your questions. After we’ve structured your data we interact with it, understand it and provide you with actionable insights. 
We’re suckers for pretty graphs but visualisation is an important step in understanding data and using it to its fullest capacity. We provide intelligible and actionable reporting to make sure you understand the full story that your data is trying to tell. 

Why Choose In Marketing We Trust?

At In Marketing We Trust we create solutions to transform the way organisations use their data and leverage technology to drive better, smarter marketing. 

We work with some of the savviest online brands like eBay and Expedia, helping them execute what their internal team couldn’t deliver. 

We aren’t afraid to ask difficult questions and thrive on transparency through the effective use of data, not more data. We help our clients think differently about data, technology, their customers and ultimately their own businesses.

Our team is made of talented folks, with a deep knowledge and experience in data science and digital marketing.Our approach is fast, lean and iterative; we cut through the bureaucratic guff and deliver real insights to hungry marketers.

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